On this website, you find the various components to In His Footsteps. This 2-year LCMS Catechism series has been a work in progress for 25 years. It has been entirely rewritten three times to accomodate Koehler's Catechism, the blue Catechism, and now the maroon Catechism.

Beyond that, it has undergone multiple revisions over the years, revisions that have always focused on keeping it simple, keeping it application-based.

By design, I've created this website to be very simple realizing that the materials, once in your hands, speak better than all the words I can provide here.

Enjoy the website & thanks for visiting...

What can I say? I enjoy writing, creating layouts for books, and websites. I'm a very creative person. I may not have all the expertise that some have, but I have a heart for writing and a passion for being down-to-earth in my writing.

Since I don't have the luxury of having a publisher for my writings, I've chosen to self-publish my work. Over the years, I've written Premarital Counseling materials, three devotional books each over 200 pages, the In His Footsteps materials you find here which contains over 1200 pages, and a smaller, recent book, "Journey of the Heart," about one of my journeys to Peru where we work among the poverty stricken farmers in the Andes mountains. More about that at: procompassion.com.