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"Some teachers teach the basics and are satisfied with their efforts. Others teach the basics, make use of additional resources and are only satisfied when they see in their students an indication that not only have they heard the information, but they got it!"

The basic components of In His Footsteps are: The Outlines, Handouts, Workbook, and Quizzes/Tests. With those basics, you can teach the materials.

Yet, in my classroom setting, I make use of some other materials I have created. Thinking that these extra materials may be useful to others, I provide them as a free download for your use or modification.

Of the supplementary materials, the Point System is the most significant because it adds an additional aspect to your teaching efforts.

I encourage you to download the supplementary materials and use those that work best in your setting.

Free Downloadable Materials...

The Point System was designed to encourage students to be involved in the life of the church beyond merely attending Catechism Class.

Although some could misinterpret its intent, it is not a means of "earning" the right to be confirmed. It's simply a means of setting forth expectations, tracking their progress, yet giving them the latitude to choose, within certain parameters, what they will do to obtain the points needed for the year. Completing their Memory Work and Workbook lessons and attending class are required regardless of how many points they may have at any given time.


• Record Book pages, copy-ready to track student's progress

• Point System recording is contained within the Record Book

• 3 Progress Report formats, copy-ready, used to inform parents of their student's class progress

• Catechism Policy for students who choose not to complete their work


Supplementary Pages

• Within the Supplementary Pages are also a Pre and Post Essay for each Series. If you choose, you can use them to see how students progressed from the beginning of the year to the close of the year

• Questions for both years are the same so that you can compare year one to year two

• All information noted above is contained within the Supplementary Pages download

These supplementary materials are provided to enhance your teaching efforts. Feel free to modify them, to adapt them, to use only those portions that best suit your setting. I provide them because they have been useful in my setting. The Point System and the Record Book are the two that I find most beneficial year after year. Some years, depending on my students, I use the Progress Reports; other years, I choose not to use them. For me, it depends on my setting and my students and I suspect the same will be true for you.