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"Surrounded by a world that has no time, need, or respect for its Creator, we offer our best each time we teach convinced that, through us, our great God is opening another window of His heart to our students."

Aware that our students possess different learning styles, the Handouts are a visual learning tool, a place for them to focus their attention, and another means of making them think beyond what they hear.

The Handouts are designed for in-class use. As you teach from the Outlines, the Handouts connect the students to your information, give them a means of interacting with the information, and help them grasp what is being taught.

How you use the Handouts is your choice. I find that it works very well for the students to read the statements and offer their response & then follow with additional information.

Handouts Series I - $12.00      Handouts Series II - $12.00

• 190 pages - Series I & 200 pages in Series II

• Printed back-to-back on 7" x 10" pages; spiral-bound book

• Handouts in Series II are different than Handouts in Series I

• Although you teach all six chief parts in each series, the focus is different, so the Handout materials are also different

• First page for each week is used to define the memory work terms that may be unfamiliar

• Variety in materials: True & False, matching, fill in the blank, scenarios, and more...

• Handout pages are used by the students as you arrive at that section and direct them to the specific page noted in the Outlines

• In-class use; no need to take Handouts home each week

Interaction - that's the goal of the Handouts. Kids are so accustomed to multi-tasking that they need something to keep their focus, to engage them in an additional way. I use the Handouts to allow ample interaction with the students. When students can offer their thoughts and ideas and be involved in conversation, they are engaged and when students are engaged, they are learning. Depending on your class, you can allow more or less interaction by persuing their comments or moving to the information that needs to be taught when they attempt a "beloved" detour.