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"When you teach a student and years later, they still talk about those class discussions, still remember the information, and have applied it to their lives in visible ways, you know with great certainty that you have done your teaching work well!"

The Class Outlines (33 lessons) are essentially the Teacher's Guide to each series. What's contained inside isn't a dry, script that you, as teacher, must use in order for the materials to suit your setting.

Instead, what you find within is a basic guide that ties the information from one page of the Handouts to the next page. You can use the text as written and do a great job of teaching, or you can look at the information and choose your own wording that better suits your teaching style.

Outlines gives you a basic framework. How closely you adhere to the contents is driven by your teaching style and experience.

Outlines Series I - $21.00      Outlines Series II - $21.00

• Class Outlines for each series are spiral bound into an 8.5" x 11" book with the cover as shown

• Material in each series is entirely different

• All materials from the Handouts are placed into the Outlines at the appropriate places eliminating the need to switch from book to book

• In the front of the Outlines you will find "Sketches" which provide an overview of what will be covered in each series during the year

• Lesson Format: Opening prayer, memory work, defining memory work terms for the upcoming week, quiz on previous lesson (optional), review questions from previous lesson, lesson overview, lesson, review of the day, preview of next week, closing prayer, additional memory work

• 300+ pages in each Class Outline

• Written with down-to-earth language so that the materials can easily be taught by laypersons and/or pastors

Sample Outlines
These Outlines provide the freedom to adapt the materials to fit your students and your setting. In my setting, we allow an hour and 45 minutes. Some weeks, we cover all the material; other weeks, we highlight some areas and focus more attention on other areas. In His Footsteps, by its very design, provides more material than you have time to teach. So, don't be surprised or discouraged when you realize that you can't always use everything in each lesson. As the teacher, you will learn to choose which areas warrant primary attention and which areas less of your teaching time.