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"Until our students are able to grasp and apply the material to their daily lives, we will have only provided information. But when our students are able to relate, absorb, and take an interest in the teaching/learning process, it is then that we have been true teachers."

In His Footsteps is a 2-year series comprised of Class Outlines - the teacher's material, Class Handouts - the in-class materials used by each student, a Workbook based on John and I John (Series I) and a Workbook based on Luke (Series II) - getting students into the Word during the week, and a set of quizzes and tests that can be used to mark progress of your students.

All the materials are written by an LCMS Pastor and are written in a very down-to-earth style so that laypersons can teach these materials.

Each series covers the six chief parts of Luther's Catechism (1991 edition with NIV text) and Workbooks are written for use with the NIV Bible.

Preview materials are available upon request.

• Written for use as 33 lessons

• Over 300 pages of material in each series

• Contains all the material in the Handouts (student's material) incorporated at the appropriate locations

• Guides you from one student page to another

• Termed "Outlines" because you have the option to use the wording prepared or you can modify the wording to better suit your style

• By downloading the Sketches, you can view the basic topics that are covered during each series

• Each series can be used as a stand alone series

• Workbooks are stand alone and can be used even if you are not using the other components

• Quizzes/Tests are available as a set in a copy-ready format

• Preview materials are available and materials can be returned if they do not suit your setting

Overview of Topics
Written for use as a 2-year series for 7th and 8th graders, In His Footsteps is very adaptable. In small congregations, 7th & 8th graders can be taught together using one series in year one and the second series in year two. With a bit of adjustment, these materials can also be used in a parochial school setting by dividing lessons based on your available class time. Typically, with ample discussion, you will have basic teaching material (minus time for memory work) for about 90 minutes. Unless you limit discussion and the additional information you provide beyond the basic student materials, you will have more material than time.