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"Any time you can connect a student to the Word is a good time even though they may disagree. The Spirit is at work whenever someone is in the Word. We must never underestimate His work simply because we fail to see obvious results."

Students may call it work because it's a "workbook," but these Workbooks are designed to get them into the Word in a simple, brief fashion.

Each of the 27 lessons in each series, will take the average student about 30 minutes to complete. The 15-18 questions directly from the NIV Bible follow in order. If they find the answer to numbers 3 and 6 but can't find the answer to number 5, it will occur before the answer to number 6. This way, students don't get frustrated thinking the answer could be "anywhere."

Generally, I glance over their Workbook lessons each week during memory work time. I do not necessarily check every answer, but my intent is to see that they have made a good effort. I'm always intrigued by their responses to the "Turning on the Light" section.

Workbooks Series I & II - $9.00      Teacher's Guide Series I & II - $9.00

• Contains all lessons for one series in single, 7" x 10" spiral-bound book

• 30-40 verses to read each week

• 15-18 questions directly from the NIV Bible

• "Turning on the Light" contains 5-7 questions to relate what they read to their personal lives

• User-friendly layout and appearance

Teacher's Guide provides the intended responses for each of the questions from the NIV Bible.

The layout is the same as the student's book, but the responses are simply typed into the area where the students would write in their answers.

Makes a nice quick reference if you aren't familiar or don't have the time to review their Scripture Readings each week.


In the past, some have "complained" that the Workbooks were too much extra, out-of-class work for the students with all their other school activities. Personally, I don't feel 30 minutes is too much to ask when those minutes in the Word have the potential to provide far more benefit than those after-school activities. As I view it, the school has gone overboard with their activities. Any moments we can get our students into the Word are important moments, moments I would hope our parents would be willing to encourage.